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True Sound.
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but smart.
The headless guitar is not missing anything, it saves on superfluous material in order to gain important qualities like increased playability through better body to neck balance, as well as a maximum gain on propper sound evolvement.

All about the Pro Sound
philosophy and all it's perks.
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to perform your
Experience no limits and simply enjoy every nuance of the music you create. Be able to perceive and forward the absolute entirety of your work and nothing less.
I'm tired of limits!
did you
already know?
Other then conventional electric guitars, original mkII series instruments are capable of capturing 100% of the string's physical sound information.

No. While regular guitar pickups merely work at one certain point along the guitar's scale, Denny's mkII advanced HD technology affects the entirety of the string's amplitude.

Maintaining the genuine sound of the electric guitar has been one of the main focuses of the mkII's developing process. This is pretty much why no other then genuine pickup coils were eligible for this.

A variety of miniature pickup coils work directly underneath the surface of the fretboard. Modern manufacturing processes make it possible to put prooven, good technology into smaler formats.

The pickup elements themselves are located directly under the fretboard and are firmly installed in the neck. They are designed to stay in position at all times and require absolutely no maintenance.

No, for good reason. Whole concept of the mkII is to merge all the sound-producing elements of the guitar in a most beneficial way possible. Like its acoustic counterpart, the result is a complete musical instrument that stands entirely for its own.

Yes, you've noticed right. With the Pure edition you can focus...well, purely on your music, without being distracted by any knob settings. Furthermore your sound is never going to be distorted by any possibly occurring interferences caused by control electronics.

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