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Denny's Guitars builds finest custom made electric guitars, 100% handmade and always at focus on the customers needs. While using only premium materials and finest tonewoods, we create superior musical instruments, resulting from high-level craftsmanship, the distinct use of state-of-the-art technology and the passion for music.

The attribute "made in berlin" not only conglomerates us to the worldwide known and cherished germans engagement to their work and high product quality, but also reflects the individual and creative character of our countrys capital city.

The very first Denny's-guitar was a Beauty-modell build in 2012. Although it has been shaped slightly different then nowadays and built for personal use only, it turned out to be so special and unique, which finaly led to it's name. One of it's main intentions then and now is to never give the impression of being a plain replica of an already existing instrument. Joining classic shapes and translating them into fluent own designs, is one of our main goals throughout the entire creation process.

Denny Männel

O U R  P A R T N E R S

Putting your name under a product and guarantee for its quality, requires not only complete trust in your own work, but equally complete trust in the parts and materials you use to build it.

By giving them a stage and setting them into the lights they deserve, they'll represent our product just as much as our product does them. That is why the standards we set to choose our suppliers are just as important as the ones we set to ourselves and of course as our customers set them to us. That for, to collaborate with the best of their respective fields, is out of the question.

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